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APPS for Autism!


Great Apps for families with younger children on the Autism Spectrum

Finding great APPS for our children, albeit on the Autism Spectrum or not are decisions we are making more and more.  Finding the right ones and getting the most bang for your buck are part of the quick choices we are making in App land.  Here are a few Apps that have been hand picked by the Connect Plus Therapy Clinical and Parent Engagement team. michaelj140.sg-host.com

Clockwise starting with the bird; Sago Mini Forest Flyer, Autism Emotion, Match Memory Game, Peekaboo Barn, Ice4Autism, Choice Works, Endless Alphabet, Visual Planner, Starfall, Breathe By Sesame Street, ABC Match, Time Timer

Here are a bunch more from Autism Speaks https://www.autismspeaks.org/autism-apps