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Why Connect Plus ABA Therapy?

You are searching for someone to provide therapy to your child. You go online and suddenly you are overwhelmed with a myriad of choices. You were told that Applied Behavior Analysis is the best treatment … but you had no idea there were so many providers! How do you choose?

There are a few things to consider, and they are very personal to your family.

First of all, when you were told that you should research and find ABA, what did you envision that therapy looking like? Typically the services are provided in your home. Did you see your child doing very structured activities at a table top to learn school readiness skills? Did you have a picture in your mind of your child on the floor of the playroom with all their favorite toys, starting to use language to share their wants and needs? Or did you see your teenager who has struggled to make friends join into a group of welcoming teens to talk about the latest version of a popular video game? All of these visions could be supported by the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Sometimes programming may consist of you and a Behavior Analyst sitting and talking about your worries and dreams for your child, and designing together the steps towards reaching those goals. Other times, a direct therapist will be demonstrating techniques to set limits and help teach the boundaries needed for a child to be included in the community and be safe. Therapy can happen in all places … we refer to them as environments. Therapy happens at the dinner table, in the tub, at the local library and in even in your place of worship. ABA is the technology through which we learn and support everyday skills needed to have a full and meaningful life.

Not all agencies who provide therapy do it in the same way. Some have a very prescribed procedure for providing services. Progressive ABA Therapy strives to work with the family using person centered approaches to decide how services with be delivered. What does “person centered” really mean? It means that programming takes into consideration the person receiving therapy and their motivations. What does the person and their family see for their future? What supports are needed to achieve the vision?

So many questions. Please reach out to us at Progressive ABA Therapy to help you find the answers.