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Home & Community Services

Home Services

In-home Services

Our home services are supervised by experienced BCBAs and Behavior Technicians. Our team will work on skills designed specifically for each client and their family.

  • Structured Support within familiar home setting
  • Communication & Language Skills
  • Social & Family Engagement Daily Living & Self-Care Skills
  • Peer Playdates (as recommended by BCBA)

Our individualized parent training sessions focus on learning practical strategies to manage interfering behaviors while teaching age-appropriate replacement behaviors and generalizing skills gained in ABA home sessions.

Daycare & School Support

ABA at School and Daycare

We provide daycare and school support to improve our client’s ability to participate in their classroom with minimal modifications.

Our goals include:

  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Promote inclusion
  • Support with school safety
  • Teach appropriate and meaningful social behavior
  • Foster skill generalization

The team collaborates closely with teachers and paraprofessionals, offering consistent support and effective consultations while only utilizing evidence-based treatment strategies.

Community Participation

ABA in the Community

We support our clients and their families in navigating the community successfully through outings and social experiences. Our team will work on essential life skills in a real-world setting by creating a step-by-step plan to:

  • Promote independence
  • Practice socialization and physical awareness
  • Enhance skill acquisition and generalization
  • Support participation in recreational activities

We believe that exposure to new meaningful experiences can be significant, providing a foundation for an increase in self-confidence and self-awareness.

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