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Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

As a health care organization, it is the policy of Connect Plus Therapy to adhere to and follow all CDC guidelines. Please use the buttons below to learn what to do if you are sick, and when you should quarantine and isolate.

HIPAA & Vaccination Status

Connect Plus Therapy strictly adheres to all applicable mandates regarding the vaccination of our staff.

All information regarding the vaccination status of our staff is classified, protected health information (PHI), and as such is protected by HIPAA laws. 

We are unable to disclose whether or not a specific staff person is vaccinated, nor are we able to guarantee that we will only assign vaccinated staff to your case. We hope that you recognize our legal requirement to protect the confidentiality of our employee’s PHI while also ensuring everyone’s safety and understand why we legally cannot make such disclosures.  

Please note, our staff are not required to self-disclose their health information, including vaccination status.

Covid Policies