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ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based, best-practice treatment for individuals with autism. ABA can help those with autism acquire new skills and improve their social, communication, and adaptive behaviors while lessening problematic behaviors.

Connect Plus Therapy utilizes a naturalistic approach to ABA to help clients generalize the skills they learn during sessions. ABA occurs in the real-world or settings similar to those that our clients are likely to encounter in their day-to-day lives. We use our client's interests to guide learning and break down the targeted skills they are developing into small steps. We then provide praise and rewards when clients engage in an important behavior, like making eye contact. Over time, positive reinforcement helps the clients use those skills.

In-home Services

In-Home ABA

Our home services include one-on-one therapy in a client’s home, caregiver training, and social skills organized and supervised by experienced Behavior Technicians and BCBAs.

Our team will work on various skills designed specifically for each client and their family. For example, functional communication, social and family engagement, and active daily living skills.

Our individualized parent training sessions focus on learning practical strategies to manage interfering behaviors while teaching age-appropriate replacement behaviors and generalizing skills gained in ABA home sessions.

We also organize small group social interactions (i.e., playdates) if recommended by the client’s BCBA and desired by the client’s family.

ABA in the Community

ABA in the Community

We support our clients and their families in navigating their community successfully through outings and social experiences.

Our team will work on essential life skills in a real-world setting by creating a step-by-step plan that offers opportunities to practice socialization and physical awareness and promote the generalization of skills in the “real world.”

We believe that exposure to new meaningful experiences can be significant, providing a foundation for an increase in self-confidence and self-awareness.

ABA at School and Daycare

ABA at School & Daycare

We provide daycare and school support to promote inclusion, school safety, and positive reinforcement for appropriate social behavior.

The goal is to improve our client’s ability to participate in their natural classroom environment with minimal adjustments and modifications.

The team collaborates closely with teachers and paraprofessionals, offering consistent support and effective consultations while only utilizing evidence-based treatment strategies.

Center-based ABA

Our ABA centers allow us to provide unique programs to meet the needs of our diverse clients and their families. These programs include:

  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Adult Vocational Program
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Summer Programs
Tween Time Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

Social learning is one of the most effective and naturally occurring forms of reinforcement in an individual’s daily life. Social awareness and communication are a major part of the barriers that commonly affect individuals with ASD.

The Social Skills Programs at Connect Plus Therapy are designed to support individuals on the spectrum who have difficulty creating and maintaining meaningful social relationships. Our home and community clients can attend social skills groups (SSGs) within their treatment plan in collaboration with their BCBA and caregiver.

Our After-school Social Skills Groups are developed based on the age and individual needs of our clients between the ages of 6 and 18.

Early Childhood ABA Program

Our center-based program is designed to meet the needs of an early childhood autism diagnosis through comprehensive ABA services.

  • Natural Environment-Based Learning
  • Preschool Readiness
  • Circle Time Activities

Programs are individualized and therapeutic so that your 2-5 year old child, will meet their program goals across the day. The day’s services are provided in a preschool-like routine with emphasis on social play, circle time, group learning, and movement and sensory activities.

Adult ABA & Vocational Program

Our adult vocational ABA program takes place in a house dedicated to helping teenagers, those transitioning to adulthood, and adults with autism gain increased independence. They learn to develop meaningful relationships, navigate their local community, assess vocational direction, and achieve long-term personal success.

Our adult center provides a naturalistic environment to teach the essential functions of independence in a space dedicated to those goals.

Summer ABA Program

Summer ABA Programs

Our summer program is designed to ensure we meet your child’s programmatic and therapeutic goals in a fun-filled environment. Our Summer programs are broken up by age group, ages 2-5, 6-16, and 17 and up. We make sure to take full advantage of the amazing summer weather and visit parks, go on adventures and include activities like water play, music, gym, art, karate, and STEM.

Parent & Caregiver Training

As a parent or caregiver you may be unfamiliar with ABA, and how to continue developing the skills your loved one is learning during their ABA sessions. Parent & caregiver training is crucial to the success of your child’s treatment. During training, our BCBAs will focus on teaching you how to encourage new skills as well as what to do when disruptive behaviors occur. Training also ensures everyone is on the same page and working towards the right goals. Parent and caregiver training is part of every CPT client’s treatment plan.

Functional Behavior Assessments

A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) identifies specific target behavior(s) and the reason behind that behavior (or the “function”). Some behaviors may have more than one function. FBAs can be considered a tool a BCBA uses to determine why your child is doing what they are doing. Once the BCBA determines the cause, they can provide functionally-based treatment recommendations.

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