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No Waitlist

No Waitlist

  • Our intake process starts immediately.
  • From insurance through assessment, we provide clear communication about our time to service.
  • Time is critical, the sooner we start, the more significant our impact can be.

Easy Intake Process

Simple Intake Process

  • Our family support team will guide you through the entire process quickly and efficiently.
  • Every client has a team for:
    • insurance questions
    • completing all of the necessary paperwork
    • selecting the best social skills groups and the most age-appropriate programs

Comprehensive Assessments

Comprehensive Assessments

  • A BCBA will perform a comprehensive assessment.
  • Individualized treatment plans and goals are created in partnership with you and your family.

ABA Therapy

High-Quality ABA Therapy

  • We dedicate ourselves to providing meaningful and effective care from a BCBA and a BT that are just right for your family.
  • 1:1, individualized, evidence-based treatment.
  • Naturalistic & holistic care in your home, at our centers, in your schools and daycare, and in your community.
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Coordination of Services

Progress & Traction Monitoring

Progress & Traction

  • Progress is continuously monitored by a BCBA.
  • Comprehensive reassessments every 3-6 months.
  • Regularly updated treatment plan.
  • Track progress online.

Top Mentoring Tips for the Busy BCBA

Top Mentoring Tips for the Busy BCBA

As a BCBA, you are under an immense amount of pressure. Billable requirements, new staff, oh, and that reassessment is due in two days, and you found yourself agreeing to mentor the next generation of BCBAs. It’s a lot; honestly, I know it can feel easier to do the work yourself.

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We're Hiring

We’re an established Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) agency and an ACE provider with BHCOE accreditation. We’re looking for talented and exceptional staff to join our collaborative team in all of our locations.


You will oversee our clients’ clinical quality of care and contribute to ensuring our clinical systems and processes are of the highest quality. You will serve as the primary point of contact for Behavior Technicians and our client’s families.


You have have an active Registered Behavior Certification and will provide direct one-on-one behavioral interventions for our clients, including communication, social, and daily living skills.

Behavior Technicians

You will provide direct one-on-one behavioral interventions for our clients. You will teach communication, social, and daily living skills.

About Us

We provide compassionate, high-quality, data-driven, and evidence-based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services. We focus on improving the overall quality of life for our clients and their families.

Our family support team will be at your side throughout treatment. They will guide you through the intake process, discuss treatment options, ensure you receive a compatible behavior technician, and answer all of your questions.

We utilize a naturalistic and holistic approach, providing therapy in:

  • Your Home
  • Our Centers
  • Your Community
  • Daycares, Private Schools, and Other Locations

Your loved one will receive the most effective and meaningful care where it matters most.

BHCOE Accredited
ACE Provider


Connect Plus Therapy is a BHCOE accredited ABA provider, having earned the highest level of accreditation possible by excelling in clinical quality, staff qualifications, and consumer satisfaction. Learn more about the BHCOE.


Connect Plus Therapy is a BACB Authorized Continuing Education provider. We provide
the training needed for our staff, and those outside our organization, to maintain their ABA certifications.


Connect Plus Therapy provides ABA services to central and southern New Jersey, and the greater Philadelphia area. We have ABA centers in four locations.

CPT Service Area

Cherry Hill, NJ

1 Allison Dr., Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
856-827-7630 (option 1)

Adult Center
1902 Fairfax Ave., Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
856-827-7630 (option 1)

Lakewood, NJ

1166 River Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701

Philadelphia, PA

4646 Umbria St., Manayunk, PA 19127
856-827-7630 (option 3)

Blue Cross
Blue Shield


We honor out-of-network benefits with many other providers.