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RBT Certification: Is it worth it?

RBT Certification: Is it worth it?

At this point, you have all heard whispers of “RBT” certification. Or perhaps you have heard one of your coworkers or friends talk about their journey to becoming an RBT. I hope that those conversations or murmurings have lit a small curiosity within you and you’ve asked the question, “should I also become an RBT?” The answer is a resounding “YES, you should!”

Outside of company benefits, you will gain career and growth opportunities once you’re certified. Let’s explore the company as well as its international benefits!


Free RBT Certifcation

First and foremost, let’s look at Connect Plus benefits once you become certified. Connect Plus utilizes Central Reach and their Institute to bring you the 40-hour course for free! You can access various modules that will help prepare you for your competency assessment and test. Upon completing your 40-hour certification, one of your supervising BCBAs will complete the competency assessment with you, and they will provide any feedback and coaching necessary to pass the assessment. After that, you can upload your documents to the BACB and schedule your test. We have study materials and mock exam questions we can share with you to help prepare for your test. Once you pass, Connect Plus will reimburse your exam fee! At this point, you should already be signing up! However, if you need more convincing after becoming certified, you will be eligible for promotion to one of our many tiered positions!


Initial RBT Requirements

40-hour course based on the 2nd edition Task ListAs a Connect Plus employee, you have access to a free 40-hour course within Central Reach’s Learning Institute.
RBT Initial CompetencyAn initial RBT competency assessment will be completed by one of your BCBAs, who can provide feedback and coaching as needed.
RBT TestYou will schedule your test via your BACB account. I recommend scheduling a test at an actual testing site rather than the remote options. You will find out if you passed right after testing!

Yearly RBT Requirements

RBT Renewal CompetencyYou will need to schedule a renewal competency assessment with one of your BCBAs. The renewal competency cannot be completed more than 45 days before your expiration date.
Submit Renewal to BACBYou will submit your completed renewal competency and pay 35 dollars to the BACB. I recommend that you complete these steps at least two weeks before your expiration date.

Connect Plus will, also, provide you with a monetary raise after passing. Part-time employees will receive a two-dollar increase per hour. Full-time employees will receive a $2,000 annual salary increase. You do not need to wait for your yearly review either; you simply receive that raise upon passing!

If you need even further convincing, let’s look outside of Connect Plus Therapy. RBTs are in high demand internationally, and you could find yourself with opportunities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Take up surfing, scuba diving, and working in Australia. If you prefer to stay in the U.S. but crave warmer weather, California and Hawaii are great alternatives with lots of job postings!

RBT Annual Salaries

Annual salaries for RBTs vary across states and companies. Applied Behavior Analysis Edu provides a full state-by-state breakdown of RBT salaries, and your earning potential and growth don’t need to stop there! Becoming an RBT allows you to expand your knowledge further in a field with endless possibilities. Get a more thorough understanding of the field through educational modules and assessments to see if it’s worth investing more time and finances into growing as a BCBA. The BACB analyzes data from 2010-2021 in this report to highlight the ever-increasing need for BCBAs. However, if you ultimately decide that’s not the route for you, your RBT credential can open other doors in related fields such as education or animal training.

Unlock Your Potential with Self-Development

If you’re still not convinced, remember that one of the best investments you can make is in yourself. While you may download “Robinhood” or research Bitcoin (if that’s still a thing), remember that self-development pays the highest dividends.

Interested in a role at Connect Plus Therapy?

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