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The CPT Young Adult ABA Summer Program is giving back!

Last week was “Community Service Week.”  Led by Connect Plus Therapy Behavior Technician Kasey Rivello. Using the Skillstreaming Book by Ellen McGinnis to help guide and understand the emotions of others. Kasey based all activities through action and conversation, covering the following areas; Knowing Your Feelings • Feeling Different • Showing Affection • Recognizing Another’s Feelings • Understanding Another’s Intentions.


The team gave their time, energy, smiles, and emotional understanding by giving over sixty sandwiches to Cathedral Kitchen. They explored the emotion of understanding hopelessness and hunger, our basic necessity for living. Understanding their pain helped us understand that the sandwiches satisfied their hunger and their hope for a better future. 


A recent visit to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage helped to understand the feelings of animals that have been abused, neglected, or simply have no one to care for them. The group focused on the emotion of how an animal might feel without love or home, and they might feel scared or angry.  Giving warm blankets helped them to feel the giving aspect of security and comfort.    


On day three, the team went to clean up Mount Laurel Acres Park.  This act of cleaning up was a way to help show that people who use an area care about its appearance. People will enjoy their time with families and friends at the park when it is well maintained. In addition, crime is less likely to occur when a neighborhood is clean, well lighted, and frequently used by residents and friends.  


This summer, the young adult division at Connect Plus blossomed in social, communication, and vocational skills. Daily community outings, cooperative group activities, and fitness fill the daily therapeutic routines for those with autism. For more information regarding services with Connect Plus Therapy please call 856-827-7630. michaelj140.sg-host.com #autism #ABA