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Back to School Tips for Children with Autism

Back to School Tips for Children with AutismWe’re starting to see school supplies in stores again, which can mean only one thing… it’s Back To School season! These tips will help your child have a successful school year.

  • Talk to your child often about what they can expect when they head back to school. It’s easy and will greatly reduce their anxieties.
  • Start rehearsing your school morning routine now. Get up earlier, practice packing, and even travel to school a few times. This will help reduce anxiety and make the first day of school easier.
  • Tour the school and meet your child’s teacher ahead of time. Help them get familiar with the school prior to their first day. Make sure to visit the gym, bathrooms, library, office, and any other rooms they may use.
  • When you tour your child’s school and meet their teacher take lots of photos. Use those photos to create a picture book or social story with your child about their school routine.
  • Make sure a child with sensory issues has a favorite sensory item available on day one. For children on the spectrum struggling with sensory overload, particular objects can offer comfort. So make sure your child has at least one available all of the time.
  • Many of our clients have a hard time with loud noises and departures from their routines. When you tour the school or meet your child’s teacher before the start of the year, ask them to review all of the emergency procedures your child may encounter. This way you can help them be ready for that first fire drill.
  • Email your child’s teachers, school administrators, and support staff with a quick outline of your child’s sensory issues, dietary restrictions, best reinforcers, and strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to include fun details as well. A quick synopsis will be a priceless resource to anyone who may interact with your child during the year.
  • Back to School Shopping!!! Shopping for school supplies can be a fun and exciting activity. It will help your child feel enthusiastic about going back to school. It can also provide you with an opportunity to include some sensory-friendly supplies, which is always beneficial.
  • Color-code your child’s notebooks and folders for different school subjects. Be sure to include this in your picture book, schedule, or social story