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Adult Autism Social Skills Group enters plants into Philadelphia Flower Show

Spring comes early for Connect Plus Therapy and it is now thyme to make our way to the Philadelphia Flower Show. Our piloted program with creator and team Leader Kasey Rivello has blossomed the team into great success.  Our team name is Connect Plus Venus Flytrap Flower Power (named by the group). This is a program designed for adults with autism. We will be setting up our plants this week then we will all meet at the Philadelphia Flower Show on Tuesday March 5th at 4:30-5 pm at Section Q – class 2008. Come out and “root” for us. Show our hardworking team the support they have earned.

Proud team member Gavi

Connect Plus Therapy helps children and adults on the Autism Spectrum through ABA Therapy. With passion and dedication the new social skills team is to complete its final week. This year our “Venus Flytrap Flower Power” will be entering their own plants that they have been tending, pruning and learning about with other Connect Plus peers with autism, into the Philadelphia Flower Show.

The Philadelphia Flower Show which runs from March 2nd-March 10th, an annual horticultural event that is held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. 250,000 people from all over the world come to visit, some even enter their own plants. It is a week long celebration for individuals who enjoy any type of flowers, plants, and landscaping.

Our Fearless Leader Kasey Rivello and her 2nd place win on her Aloe Plant

The Venus Flytrap Flower Power Team has been meeting weekly for the past 14 weeks and culminating on the first day of the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show. Our team has received 3 plants per person and has learned how to properly care for each.  In order to be fully prepared, processing each step with the assistance of their BCBA/Behavioral tech has helped each Connect Plus Participant with autism feel ready for the big day, which is needed to achieve success for this event.

Every week during our Tuesday meetings we meet and connect with each other over the excitement of the big day.  A blog has been created by Kasey Rivello who has lead the team the whole way.  The team has created a user account for the Flower Show, looked up proper care facts for our plants and has been responsible for making sure the plants get enough water and the correct sunlight.  As a team we have supported each other, given words of encouragement, and worked together. By working as a team, we earned the privilege of entering our plants into the show. Like most things in life there will be guidelines to follow for entering plants into the Philadelphia Flower Show.  These guidelines have been discussed and reviewed many times to ensure preparedness for our participants.

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