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Supervision for BCaBA or BCBA Certification

At Connect Plus Therapy, we believe strongly in mentoring our staff, in particular those seeking certification in the field of ABA. For any staff that are actively enrolled in an ABA Approved Course Sequence for either the BCaBA or BCBA, we will help provide the required Supervision of the experience hours necessary to qualify to sit for the BCBA exam. Our supervision model follows all regulations based on the current BACB standards including the 5th edition supervision requirements.

In exchange for your supervison hours provided by a Connect Plus Therapy BCBA, the student will be required to work for a period of six months after completing their supervision hours. The student can work in any capacity at Connect Plus Therapy during this time period.

Unrestricted Experience Opportunities while with us at Connect Plus Therapy include:

  • Participating in conducting assessments in order to develop treatment plan goals
  • Conducting preference assessments
  • Recording video while observing sessions to aid in data analysis and progress monitoring of programming
  • Creating video modeling materials for use in programming
  • Creating materials, including informational handouts, for parent training
  • Assisting with creating specific teaching materials for programs
  • Researching ABA literature on particular subjects pertaining to client service delivery to ensure best practice
  • Working within the online data platform for program development and data collection, including entering raw data for graphing and analysis
  • Assisting in the development of programming and provide client support during the summer camp program

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of supervision can I expect to gain each week?

This will vary depending on how many cases you are assigned to.  Each case is overseen by a BCBA; many of our BCBAs have completed their 8-hour supervision course so they are able to provide supervision to you on each case you work together on. 1:1 supervision is also provided in a didactic style for approximately one hour per week with the Clinical Director or Clinical Supervisor.  During these supervision sessions, you will gain practice discussing ABA in a technical and scientific manner.  You and the supervisor may also review test mocks to practice for the big exam.

How are supervision meetings conducted?

Due to Covid-19, Zoom and Google Hangouts are being offered as a means to provide group supervision. In-person supervision is also being offered for those who are comfortable meeting in person.  Individual supervision is provided on-site with clients, and indirect work pertaining to cases shared by the BCBA and supervisee may be completed remotely as assigned by the supervising BCBA.

How many students has CPT Supervised?

Over the years, CPT has supervised dozens of ABA students aspiring to become BCBAs. The clinical team has several years’ experience supervising students.  The style of supervision is friendly, informative, and well perceived by students.

For more information on our hiring process please contact HR@connectplustherapy.com