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Spring Fling

Spring has Sprung!

Let’s spring into action planting flowers, making it rain, and creating rainbows. This group will split its time between activities at the Cherry Hill Center and exploring local parks and trails.

When exploring local parks the staff and group will study local plants and animals while hiking. Staff will remove any litter from the ground while clients help them by verbally sorting items to be separated into garbage or recycling bags.

Emphasis will be placed on taking care of the environment, the importance of cleaning up after ourselves, after each other, and how each of us can take care of the planet through recycling and never littering!


  • Clients 5 and up
  • April 18th to 22nd, 10 am to 4 pm
  • CPT Center, Cherry Hill, NJ & Local Parks (Smithville, Laurel Acres, Newton Park)
  • Clients should wear sneakers, bring bug spray, and sunscreen
  • RSVP by April 8

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Throughout the week, Spring Fling attendees will travel off-site to visit various local parks. These trips will require the use of the Connect Plus Therapy van. Please complete the questions to give us permission, and help us prepare for transporting your child.

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Park Itinerary

Group Meeting at the Center

  • Say “hello” to peers, place items in a safe place, and have 10 minutes of free play in the center.

Load Up & Travel

  • Conversations in the van – discussion on what the group is, what is “recycling” is, and what we can do to save the planet

Breakout into groups

  • Two groups based on age 5-8 and 9-12 

First We Hike, Then We Play

  • Hiking Games like I-Spy, “what do you see, what do you hear”
  • Kids will point out debris and non-plant material using descriptive words like colors and textures.
  • Staff will model disposal of the trash while wearing gloves and sharing safety precautions.

Bathroom, water, hand washing break & Discussion

  • Group Snack
  • Conversation – discuss what they have learned and accomplished, and why is it important to protect the environment

Final break: play at the park for 15-20 minutes

Travel back to the center to finish out the day with crafts, snacks, and other fun activities.

Hiking & Cleaning