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Girls Empowered

Building Confidence & Trust with Weekly Girl Power Activities

This Social Skills Group will empower girls to feel confident, build friendships, promote solidarity and develop emotional skills all while having fun.

The Girls Empowered group will work together under BCBA supervision to help these amazing girls see their true potential.

  • Girls ages 6 to 12
  • Six Weeks
  • Wednesdays, February 16th – March 23rd
  • 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
  • Connect Plus Center, 1 Allison Dr., Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Please RSVP by 2/4/21

Private Pay Option

We realize there is an overwhelming need for social skills group options for girls in the community. We are now offering a private-pay option.

The cost will be:

  • $240 for the program
  • $90 one-time assessment fee

Private pay participants will be staffed at a 2:1 ratio. If a 1:1 ratio is needed there will be an additional fee of $120 for the program.

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Curriculum & Schedule

Week One

We will focus on the girls getting to know each other through fun, interactive games such as “ Fruit Festival, Exchanging Faces”. We will create self-portraits and discuss our inner attributes.

Week Two

This week focuses on our emotional safety, thoughts, and feelings by building trust with creative ideas and imagination. A fun way of doing this is a game called I Am, I Have, I Can.

Week Three

We learn how to identify a safe person by creating colorful trust flowers filled with people who we can trust when we need help.

Week Four

We will use games and role-playing to learn about the inner workings of friendships.

Week Five

We learn about expressing our feelings and taking our emotional temperature. Additionally, we will also learn how to resolve disagreements by developing empathy through role-play and the use of kind language.

Week Six

We build confidence and learn how to continue to develop confidence in ourselves. We will accomplish this through fun activities like “Filling Our Water Jugs” with attributes about ourselves.
Girls Empowered with Friendship