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Upcoming Programs & Events


Starting September 13th


Specials - 2 hour minimum. Start times between 4:30 & 5:30PM

  • Monday - STEM, Tween Time
  • Tuesday - Karate, Tween Time
  • Wednesday - Music, Tween Time
  • Thursday - Dance & Teen Time
  • Friday - Game Day

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Starting September 18th


These are ongoing and any day of the week.

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Starting September 28th

Teen Time

This is an ongoing program, held every Thursday for ages 13 - 17.

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October 24th - December5th
9:30AM - 12PM

Bowling Buddies

This program costs an additional $90 to cover shoe rentals and lane fees.

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Starting October 25th
4:30 - 6:30PM

Tween Time

This is an ongoing program, held every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for ages 10 - 12.

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Starting December 3rd
4 - 6PM

Mike the Builder

This will be held every Friday for CPT clients ages 5 & up. Kids will get to work with their hands to create something fun, like a firetruck, a small table tennis set, and more.

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December 12th
10AM - 12PM

Drop & Shop

Take Some Time to Get a Little Holiday Shopping Done

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December 27 - 30th
10AM - 4PM

Winter Fest

We're going to make snow... indoors, and take a trip to the planetarium for a special exploration of space with the Magic Schoolbus.

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