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Social Skills Groups

We know change brings questions and concerns so I would like to offer up some time where we can all meet, get to know one another, and get your questions answered. We are holding a “Back to SSG Night” on September 20th from 5-6 PM. 

Our new Administrative Director for Cherry Hill, Meredith Meisenheimer, will also attend so this will be a great opportunity to meet her and learn how she can serve as a resource for your family.



  • Wednesday, September 20th
  • 5 – 6 PM
  • CPT Center
    1 Allison Dr., Cherry Hill, NJ

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Program Updates

Yearly Schedule

You no longer need to sign up quarterly for services. Attending SSG clinic sessions are ongoing based on your child’s ABA service recommendations and assessments by your BCBA, and available as a consistent routine schedule throughout the September through May calendar, aligning with the academic year for our school-aged clients.


We hope this will alleviate any scheduling barriers that may have occurred over previous years. This will also allow us to retain more consistent staffing for your kiddos throughout the year and utilize a maximum of two staff per kid to ensure consistent services and improved quality of care. This also permits increased BCBA support and oversight of program implementation.

Special Activities

We offer special components including dance, karate, and music into everyday programming. However, we will no longer have specific days for dance, music, or karate. To allow our participants equal opportunities to participate in all of the activities we will no longer hire special instructors on specific days but instead adapt our programs to incorporate various components of these specials into each week of programming. We believe this will maximize our clinical efforts, and the quality of services while still nurturing our kids’’ special interests. 


During September, we will focus on identifying your children’s strengths and needs, developing friendships, and working on social factors they may be dealing with as they are introduced to new friends in SSG and school, as well as getting back into school routines. Over the next month, we will cultivate friendships and social success which we will continue to build upon during the year.