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Welcome to Connect Plus Therapy ABA  Center Bala Cynwyd

We are committed to teaching play, communication, social, and other skills in the natural environment utilizing the framework of applied behavior analysis. We use evidence-based practices to address our learner’s unique needs by tailoring their programs to their specific goals.

Children ages 3-7 years old engage in structured group activities to enhance age-appropriate social skills. Children will practice skills with peers in a safe, natural, supervised environment with the goal of generalizing their skills across environments.

Will work on skills including communicating with peers, expressing emotions appropriately, sharing and turn taking, understanding facial expressions and body language, listening to and following directions in a group, how to join a group of peers, and more…

Teens “unite” with a passion for video games, while building teamwork and age-appropriate social and conversation skills. It is a safe, collaborative environment where a shared interest in video games helps develop friendships and confidence to ask and share about other interests. Frequently heard comments are: “We did it, we won,” “Great move!” and “How was your day?” and with enthusiasm “See you next Thursday!”

Children ages 3-7 years old engage in movements to enhance balance and coordination, while strengthening their bodies through structured developmental gymnastics.

Connect Kidz is a social group for our younger “in-between” group of learners.  Kidz in this group are still developing their skills on how to approach peers and interact appropriately. This group will meet weekly to work on skills including accepting no and waiting appropriately, communicating with peers in nuanced situations, expressing emotions appropriately, following instructions in a group, compromising with peers and problem solving.

Parenting Training is Essential

Bala Cynwyd CPT Center Calendar

Welcome to the CPT Calendar for Bala Cynwyd.  Please note that you must RSVP for each Social Skills Group with Wendy@connectplustherapy.com. 

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